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It may be hard to believe we’re on the cusp of a technological revolution at a time when the global economy as a whole is slowing. But our view in DNV GL is that we are indeed entering a new ‘renaissance’ in industrial progress with the accelerated uptake of cyber-physical systems.

This website deals with the probable rather than the possible. Many of the technologies we highlight are familiar; what is new, in our view, is that the coming decade is about the combination of advanced technologies – where concepts such as automation, data-driven insights and grid parity acquire real meaning and scale.

The factory of the future will look nothing like those of today: it will be clean and largely empty of people. Spare parts for ships could be 3D-printed at a port of convenience; conceivably from recycled material as circular economy models become pervasive. The ship of the future itself is rapidly becoming a floating computer. Where sequencing of a human genome once took years, it is now accomplished in less than a week.

These, and similar dazzling developments, are leading many industries and individuals, not least our own customers, to question what the future holds.

Part of the answer, we hope, you will find in this ‘Technology Outlook 2025’.

In many cases technical advances on their own do not translate fast enough into general progress and well-being without better laws and regulations that encourage the uptake and scaling of the technology. We at DNV GL feel uniquely positioned to offer a view on the gap between innovation and technology uptake. We are widely involved in the qualification of new technologies across industries.

Technology Outlook 2025 captures insights from our daily quest to work for a safer, smarter and greener future. We hope that it inspires and proves useful in guiding your future decisions.

Remi Eriksen
Group President & CEO

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