Technology Outlook 2025
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Welcome to your world in 2025, seen through the lenses of social, economic, geopolitical and – not least – environmental developments.

Between 2015 and 2025, our world will pass key milestones. The global population will reach 8 billion. For the first time in human history more people will be living in cities than not. There will be a great expansion in the ranks of the global ‘middle class’, predominantly in Asia.

The ‘epicentre’ of global economic activity – the geographic hotspot created by the distance-weighted GDP of 700 locations – will be firmly located in Central Asia by 2025. In 1980 that hotspot was midway between the economic powerhouses of Europe and the United States.

There will be great shifts too. Healthcare, coupled with digitalization, will transform in many ways, with personalized care being the most visible development.

As the world comes to terms with the meaning and implications of the COP21 Paris accord, renewables will achieve grid price parity in many countries and regions.

While these are profound shifts, seemingly intractable problems remain – persistent inequality, youth unemployment and the chronic disease pandemic are not the least of them.

What this all this means for us individually and collectively is a vast subject. In this section of the website we summarize just some of the more important forces and trends – certainly those that have an impact on or will be impacted by technology.

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