Life sciences have become progressively more cross-disciplinary: exploring the potential of technology to improve the quality of physical, social, and mental health both for individuals and populations.

The life sciences encompass research into the molecular, cellular, and functional basis of plants, animals, humans, and ecosystems, as well as investigation into how innovation can be adopted and adapted into everyday life. In doing so, they draw not only on biology, but also related subjects such as bioethics, economics, anthropology, organizational psychology, and human factors.

Life sciences are therefore essential in translating research into practice in the pursuit of safer, smarter, and greener futures.

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Our world is facing a multitude of challenges to its ability to provide food and preserve the health of its population.  Our strong belief is that DNV GL can and will contribute.

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The challenges are compounded by issues of climate change, and intensifying income inequality worldwide which works against fair and equitable access to food and health, within and across geographies and economies.

Capitalizing on our legacy built over 150 years, and our global recognition as a leading independent assurance provider with technological competence and capacity, DNV GL has made the strategic choice of developing significant assurance roles in selected branches of life sciences. In particular, DNV GL will focus upon “Preserving Health,” working with healthcare providers and healthcare suppliers, and “Providing Food,” with the food & beverage and agricultural sectors, and use of the ocean space for provision of proteins and habitats for biotechnology.

In both the health and food branches of life sciences, technology, in all its forms, will drive change and transformation. But in providing solutions to the challenges our societies are facing, rapid technological development will also give rise to new issues and concerns.

Data will revolutionize healthcare. As individuals we will be closely monitored, information will be collected and analysed to personalize medical treatment and care, suppliers and operators of data systems and processes will move into our personal space and partly take over the role of hospitals and care institutions. All of these data-driven advances may make healthcare much more effective, but at the same time they will create a series of safety, security, integrity, responsibility, and accountability issues. Not the least of these will be the challenge of enabling fair and equitable access to such technologies.

Understanding these and similar developments in the selected branches of life sciences is essential for DNV GL in order to take and develop assurance roles that will enable effective deployment of technologies and, by extension, assist diverse societies in meeting many of challenges that our world is facing.


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